Panel A2 Standard Virus Panel

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This panel of tests five herpes (DNA) viruses, including EBV and CMV, and two strains of the most common enterovirus (RNA): Coxsackie A7 and B1. These tests are carefully selected as the most likely to detect an ongoing chronic infection

1. EBV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent)
2. HSV 1 + 2 Elispot
3. CMV Elispot (2 Antigens: Lytic + Latent) 3x CPDA (tests ordered individually £603)
4. Coxsackievirus A2 + B1 IgG/IgA Antibodies
5. HHV 6 Elispot

Requires 1x Serum, 3x CPDA

Cost: (tests ordered individually £603)    Special Panel price £479