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What is AONM?

The Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM) was established in 2005.  It has always had an interest in supporting, developing and promoting cutting-edge research in the field of integrative medicine with a particular focus on patients who are suffering from poorly understood conditions that are often misdiagnosed as psychiatric, when they have biomedical causes.

For over a decade AONM has held national and international conferences and seminars attracting researchers, scientists, doctors and patients from around the world.  AONM conferences are well renowned. They focus on educating both the professionals and patients in an inclusive and interactive way. AONM ensures that their conferences are also patient-centred.

The Academy’s main areas of focus are the underlying drivers of chronic complex conditions, and has been instrumental introducing an understanding of the bacterial and viral causes. A key to this has been to find tests that actually evidence persistent infection in chronic cases where serology has its shortcomings. As a result, AONM has pioneered testing methods from abroad where these technologies have long been established, such as ArminLabs for vector-borne disease, Moleculera Labs for infection-driven autoimmune encephalitis (also called PANS/PANDAS). A natural development was therefore moving into the area of Lyme Disease and co-infections as well as other stealth pathogens and biotoxins.

AONM’s testing activity has therefore become very strong and unique. We also represent Maintrac in Germany which runs tests of circulating cancer cells and can also test for chemo-sensitivity and the effectiveness of natural agents against these cells on a personalised basis.

The Academy has an additional specialism on the mitochondria due to its contacts, with research taking place in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We act as a force for the integration of complementary and conventional medicine, and increasing numbers of NHS doctors attend our conferences, use our tests and involve us in their teams on occasion in complex cases.