Frequently asked questions about our MMD Test Kits

MMD Mitochondrial Test Kits

A test kit can be ordered and dispatched within the UK without full payment. However a £10 non refundable deposit will be required. This amount will then be deducted from the final amount.

For international orders please contact us at or 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri)

Test kits to UK addresses are sent by 1st Class Royal Mail so they usually arrive within 2-3 working days.

Please email us at or call 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri) and let us know your name, address, and telephone number.

DHL Waybills are valid for a few weeks.

UPS Waybills are valid for 3 months.

If your waybill has expired please let us know at least 24 hours before your blood draw so we can send you a new one.

The tubes in the test kit have a use by date printed on the label next to a symbol. Please check these dates

The MMD Order Form is periodically updated.

Click here for the latest Mitochondrial tests Order Form

The test kits are standard, and contain:

2x CPDA vacutainers for the phlebotomist taking the blood

2x transport tubes

1 or 2x sealable plastic bag

1x hard copy of the MMD Mitochondrial Order Form

1x MMD instructions. 

Please include a completed and signed copy of the order form in the kit with your blood samples. 

The correct tests must be marked, and test numbers listed. Failure to do this may result in additional costs, or require a new blood draw.


MMD mitochondrial samples (CPDA) do not require centrifuge.

MMD cytokine samples (Serum) require centrifuge.

Please do not store MMD mitochondrial samples (CPDA) in the fridge. The samples must be kept at room temperature.

No, it is not necessary to fast for MMD mitochondrial tests.


You need to call DHL at least 24 hours prior to your required pick up. Note if samples are being sent on a Monday DHL must be called the Friday before. 

Call DHL on 0344 248  0012 (for Ireland 1870 0700 or 1816 2000) to arrange collection of the samples. 

Please give DHL your DHL waybill number, which can be found between the top barcodes, and confirm that they have your correct address contact details. 

A copy of the instructions are included in the test kit. 

The DHL Waybill number can be found on the shipping address label (inside the clear plastic wallet on the DHL bag). It is between the barcodes.

Call DHL on 0344 248  0012 (for Ireland 1870 0700 or 1816 2000) and ask if it is possible to rebook  for the same day. If this is not possible, book a collection for as early as possible the next day. 

Please store the package at room temperature, and not in the fridge.

Only the AONM helpline can track shipments. If you would like to track your order please call the helpline and they can give an update on your package.

All the export invoices are submitted directly to customs. The code C-PLT on the waybill means it is a paperless invoice, and the export invoice has already been submitted.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you encounter any problems in any way.


Not at the moment, but the tests will soon be available to order via the online shop 

If you wish to pay by BACS in £ sterling, please use the bank details on the order form. Your name can be used as the reference.


If you wish to pay by € Euro, please contact us for our Euro account details and a quote at


Once payment has been made by BACS please contact us at or 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri) to let us know, and we will generate the AONM Authorisation Code. Please have test numbers to hand if asked. 

Sorry, it is not possible to set up a payment plan. The Lab requires payment upfront.

Once payment has gone through for your order, it may be possible to add or remove tests. Please contact us at or 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri).


Reports for MMD mitochondrial tests are typically published between 2-3 weeks from the Lab receiving the sample. 


Reports for MMD cytokine tests are typically published between 4-6 weeks from the Lab receiving the sample. 

If you have a question, and it’s not answered here, do get in touch. CONTACT US