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April 2018

  • PANS/PANDAS: Infection-induced autoimmune disorders: The tip of an iceberg?
  • AONM: Now representatives for the Cunningham Panel
  • CANCER UPDATE: How Precision Medicine is Changing Cancer Therapy: Workshop with experts from multiple fields
  • NEW ARMINLABS TESTS: New viral, parasite and immune system tests available
  • NICE Guidelines: New guidelines for Lyme now completed
  • Upcoming Events

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October 2017

  • Lyme and other Chronic Pathologies:
    – The International Conference on Chronic Pathologies in Antwerp
    – Articles by Dr. Armin Schwarzbach and AONM’s Juliet Hayward/reviewed by Prof. Puri “In Focus” on Lyme Disease
    – NICE draft guidance on Lyme Disease
  • ME update:
    – The End ME/CFS Project The OMF’s August Community Symposium
    – Breaking news: NICE updating its guidelines on ME
  • New developments at Arminlabs and AONM:
    – New Elispots/New YouTube channel
  • Upcoming Events


June 2017

  • May Conference: Chronic Illness Uncovered
  • 12th Invest in ME Conference
  • Upcoming Events

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April 2017

  • Morgellans Disease: A devastating and much misunderstood disease
  • Upcoming Events

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March 2017

  • Lyme Disease updates: The latest on LD andrelated conditions from international experts in Athlone, Ireland
  • EpCAMs: New alliance with Maintrac in Bayreuth, Germany
  • ME updates: Could pyruvate be the clue?
  • Tickplex:New antibody screening tests
  • Upcoming Events

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September 2016

  • ME: PACE Trial dismantled
  • Study by Dr. Richard Naviaux reveals ME to be a hypometabolic response
  • New AONM services
  • Upcoming Events

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December 2015

  • Lyme News
  • Lifting the Veil II
  • Dr Ray Perrin Practitioner Meeting
  • Lifting the Veil III – announcement
  • Fight Lyme Now Campaign
  • Upcoming Events

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November 2015

  • Lyme: Antwerp Conference with Dr. Richard Horowitz
  • Neuroimmune Disease: Autism Solutions with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • Mitochondria: Sixth Congress of the World Mitochondria Society
  • Cancer: Development and Detection
  • Upcoming Events

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June 2015

  • Contents of the DVDs of the ACUMEN seminar
  • ME: IIMEC10 Invest in ME: 10th Annual Conference
  • Lyme Disease: Integrative Medicine Approaches in Treatment of Lyme and Tick-borne Illness, Holland, with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • Cancer: The Ketogenic Diet in practice, Dr. Damien Downing
  • Upcoming Events

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April 2015

  • Lifting the Veil: Infectious Pathogens and Their Role in Chronic Disease
  • Charity events at the conference
  • BSIO Talk: Detecting Cancer
  • Getting FITT with Far Infrared
  • Upcoming Events

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January 2015

  • Fighting for a voice: Lyme goes to the heart of Westminster
  • Book Review: Detecting Cancer. Gaining Time: To Prevent or Recover from Cancer, by Dr. Xandria Williams
  • Spotlight on lab markers
  • Sheep Dip Survivors Meeting at the House of Commons
  • The physiological role of muscle and the science behind high-intensity strength training
  • Upcoming Events

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