Patient Advice for Ordering Tests

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Patient Advice for ordering tests

How to order ArminLabs tests through AONM: Part 1 - ordering the tests

How to order ArminLabs tests through AONM: Part 2 - drawing the blood and sending to the lab

Instructions for using the ArminLabs test kit for tick-borne diseases (please see videos above for detailed explanations on how to order, draw and send blood samples for testing)

  1. Decide which tests you wish to order. Please call the Academy of Nutritional Medicine (AONM) helpline on 03331 210 305 if you need help with following the instructions, or email and someone will get back to you as fast as possible.
  2. Once your tests have been selected and you have calculated the final price for the tests and courier shipment, please make your payment (see the payment instructions on the back of the order form). After making your payment you will receive an authorization code (either over the phone if paying by credit card, or by email) that is specific to your particular transaction. *Please note that your blood samples cannot be processed without this authorisation code.*
  3. Please clearly enter the authorisation code on the order form in the space provided.
  4. Please note that the blood needs to be sent by DHL on the same day that it is drawn. Make sure that you call DHL 0344 248 0012 (for Ireland 1870 0700 or 1816 2000) the working day before (ideally) or (at the very latest) on the morning of the phlebotomy appointment to find out the cut off collection time for International Priority delivery (delivering within 24 to 48 hours) to Augsburg, postcode 86154 (see DHL booking instructions below). Please book a collection time and make sure that your samples are ready well before the agreed collection time. Your shipment is classified as Exempt Human Specimen. Please read the shipping instructions overleaf carefully.
  5. Once DHL has told you the collection time slot that they can manage from your location, make an appointment with your phlebotomist/doctor. Please make sure that the appointment is on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (so the sample gets to Germany in time to be tested before the weekend), and that you leave at least 30 minutes before the DHL pickup slot begins to allow the blood the time to stand.
  6. Please ensure that you take your test kit with you to the phlebotomist/doctor unless you have been informed that that phlebotomy location already has test kits available.

Phlebotomy instructions

  1. All the tubes need filling (unless your therapist gives you instructions to the contrary).
  2. The tubes should be filled in the following order:
    First:            1 x serum tube (orange cap)
    Second:       3 x CPDA tube (yellow cap)
    Third:          1 x heparin tube (green cap)
    Fourth:       2 x EDTA tube (purple cap)
  3. Each of the tubes needs inverting carefully around 10 times after taking blood.
  4. Please make sure the patient’s name and date of birth are written on every tube.
  5. Keep all blood samples upright in a rack for 30 minutes (with the cap at the top).
  6. Please make sure that samples are stored at room temperature at all times, and are NOT centrifuged!
  7. After a minimum of 30 minutes, put the tubes into the box.
  8. Place the completed order form with the authorisation no. inside the box. Close the box.
  9. Place the box in the DHL bag. Remove the strip from the adhesive tape on the DHL bag and seal the bag.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Please ensure that you have a DHL bag that has a waybill inserted in the pouch. The waybill should have the destination address of ArminLabs in Augsburg pre-printed on it.
  2. If you have not done so already, please call DHL on 0344 248 0012 (for Ireland 1870 0700 or 1816 2000) to arrange collection of the samples. Please give DHL your DHL waybill number which can be found between the top barcodes and confirm that they have your
    correct address contact details
  3. Please ensure that you record the DHL reference number that you will be given by DHL operator. If asked:
  • Our DHL account number is for UK 421082465, outside UK 962988691
  • The package is less than 0.5kg and it is Human Exempt Specimen Non Hazardous – Non Infectious


Please call our help line on 03331 210 305 if you require assistance.
We will be happy to help.

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