A new paradigm in cancer support

Interviews and videos with Professor Pachmann on Apoptosis of, and Monitoring Circulating Cancer Cells

Dr. Pachman gives a short 2 minute explanation on how the Maintrac cancer monitoring methods work.

Maintrac provides a personalised testing of natural substances in order to support cancer cell apoptosis.



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As one of the 15 most innovative European companies SIMFO GmbH is invited by the European Commission to the Bio International Convention (BIO) 2017 to present maintrac® liquid biopsy under the patronage of the EU.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maintrac is not intended to be used as a diagnostic or screening approach. It may be used for tracking the progression or remission of tumours of epithelial origin through its detection of circulating epithelial tumour cells (CETCs) in the blood. The approach has multiple applications, including helping to inform clinical judgment in the provision of functional or integrative support for patients or clients. If Maintrac to be used to inform cancer treatment directly, or to monitor the interaction of chemotherapeutic agents with CETCs or CSCs (circulating stem cells), the tests must be overseen by a registered medical practitioner.

Maintrac – a new paradigm in cancer support

Maintrac is part of the new paradigm of personalised medicine. When cancer is already diagnosed early   identification of primary and secondary malignancies before they can even be detected in imaging is a goal to aspire to. Testing to see if the chemotherapeutic agents being suggested are actually likely to have the desired effect for a specific individual is a vital step in striving for the optimal health outcome for a patient, additionally saving both time and costs. And how ideal if natural agents, if they are to be incorporated into the patient’s therapy, can be tested up front for their effectiveness, so that again time and funds are not wasted. If this is possible – as it already is – it needs to be as widely available as possible. Maintrac has the best scientific evaluation worldwide, and has been used for over 15 years. It is a fully accredited method backed by a huge number of peer-reviewed publications in top medical journals.

NB Patients should order any testing through their practitioner.

What can Maintrac do?

Maintrac is a method of tracking potential cancer cells circulating in the blood that has been used for many years in Germany and around the world.

The three main types of test available are:

1) Cell count – a figure for the number of circulating epithelial tumour cells in 1 ml of the patient’s blood. This can be measured regularly at a very reasonable price, and used as a tracker for whether the figure is rising or falling, which studies have shown correlates well with actual disease activity.

2) Cytotoxicity of natural agents – You can send in natural agents (water soluble substances) that the patient is either already using or that are being considered to see how strong their cell-killing effect is on the patient’s own CETCs. Combination remedies can also be tested. If you do not have specific agents that you wish to send in, you can choose from a list or make suggestions: the lab will use high-quality agents that they have available from German pharmacies. The results are given as a percentage, making it easy for the therapist/patient to identify the most effective agents.

Many additional tests are also possible, such as seeing whether the circulating cancer cells captured from a patient’s blood develop into cancer stem cells – the most pernicious type of cell for metastatic activity. Another of the multiple further tests available is to see whether a triple negative cancer has remained negative along all three dimensions. It is not well recognised that the nature of tumour cells can change over time. If for instance oestrogen-negative cells have become oestrogen-positive, this opens up new therapy options.

Maintrac – a new and effective way to help monitor cancer treatment

If a cancer is malignant, a select population of cancer cells can escape the tumour mass and invade the bloodstream. maintrac is a blood test that detects these cells in the blood. These cancer cells are responsible for metastatic spread: cancer therapies aim to destroy these cells. Monitoring these cells gives a direct indicator of the effectiveness of an ongoing treatment, at any stage the test is carried out.

Maintrac can also monitor the response to cancer therapies

Cancer cells can change during the course of disease. Whether using chemical or non-toxic substances as part of a therapy, any substance or combination thereof can be tested to give a strong indication of its effectiveness even before treatment begins.

The benefits for patients are:

  • Maintrac helps to find a customized, personalized and effective therapy.
  • Maintrac allows the practitioner to monitor the success or failure of therapy at any stage throughout the treatment.