Lyme Disease and Co-Infections

Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Information / Articles

IHCAN Article. Interview with Dr. Robert Bransfield

PDF Version: A tale of two pandemics: exploring the links between Lyme and COVID
Coxsackie – Doing damage to our very core: the energy delivery mechanisms of our heart?
Article by Gilian Crowther, AONM Director of Research
Article by Gilian Crowther, AONM Director of Research – CAM Magazine Feb 2017
Lyme testing - finding a path through the labyrinth
Article on consequences of misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease
Psychiatric Problem or Lyme Disease?: Misdiagnoses Delay Patients’ Access to Time-Sensitive Treatment
ArminLabs – HHV-6 Elispot Information
HHV-6 Elispot Information
ArminLabs HHV-7 Elispot information
HHV-7 Elispot Information

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