ArminLabs accreditation

ArminLabs is certified by the German Accreditation Board DAkkS, international accreditation no. DIN EN ISO 15189:2014. Every test they perform is commercially available, certified and validated internally by ArminLabs and externally by the test producers. For every test a positive and a negative control is always performed to check for influencing factors.

With regards to accreditation in the UK, ArminLabs has received a letter from UKAS (UK Accreditation Service) confirming that it has “confidence in the accreditation system operated by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS), and considers that the accreditation system operated by DAkkS is equivalent to UKAS’ own accreditation system.” Whilst it is not within UKAS’s mandate to provide specific accreditation to foreign laboratories it clearly has confidence in the German accreditation procedures (DAkkS) and ArminLabs is fully accredited by DAkkS.