AONM’s Cancer Webinar Series is a series of educational videos to help practitioners and patients make better informed treatment choices

Chris Woollams, M.A. (Oxon); Biochemistry and founder of CancerActive: Rebuilding the Microbiome: A Vital Approach in the Treatment of Cancer and Chronic Illness.

Professor Dr. Katharina Pachmann : Apoptosis efficency of natural agents and an overview of therapy-relevant characteristics of circulating cancer cells.

Chris Woollams, M.A. (Oxon); Biochemistry and founder of CancerActive: The Benefits of Complementary and Integrative Medicine in the Field of Oncology

Dr. Joachim Fuller:
The Effect of Natural Therapies and CTC Testing on Patients with Cancer

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Professor Dr. Katharina Pachmann: The Science and Clinical Utility of CTCs as a Tool to Monitor the Effectiveness of Therapy

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Professor Dr. Katharina Pachmann: Personalised Testing of Natural Substances in Order to Support Cancer Cell Apoptosis

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These videos are not meant to diagnose or otherwise act as any specific treatment advice. They are brought to you for educational purposes so as to inform yourself and others in taking appropriate treatment steps. Any treatment should always be discussed with a qualified practitioner.