ArminLabs Test Kits


Where do I send the AONM ArminLabs Order Form?

Please include a completed and signed copy of the order form in the kit with your blood samples. 

The correct tests must be marked, and test numbers listed. Failure to do this may result in additional costs, or require a new blood draw.


What does the test kit contain?

The test kits are standard, and contain:

7x vacutainers & needle for the phlebotomist taking the blood. These are:

        1x Serum (orange lid)

        3x CPDA (yellow)

        2x EDTA (purple) 

        1x Heparin (green)

1x polystyrene box

1x sealable plastic bag

1x hard copy of the AONM ArminLabs Order Form

1x instructions for the phlebotomist

1x instructions for arranging the courier pickup.


Do the test kits expire?

DHL Waybills are valid for a few weeks.

UPS Waybills are valid for 3 months.

The tubes in the test kit have a use by date printed on the label next to a symbol.  Please check these dates.

 The AONM ArminLabs Order Forms are periodically updated.

Click here for the latest AONM ArminLabs Order Form


I haven’t received my ArminLabs test kit, what should I do?

Please email us at or call 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri) and let us know your name, address, and telephone number.


How quickly should I receive my test kit?

Test kits are sent by 1st Class Royal Mail so they usually arrive within 2-3 working days.


Will I be charged postage?

A test kit can be ordered and dispatched within the UK without full payment. However a £10 non refundable deposit will be required. This amount will then be deducted from the final amount.

For international orders please contact us at or 03331 210 305 (09:00-16:30 Mon-Fri)